Gin and Fresh Tonics

June 7, 2009

Inspired by an old Alcademics post and some recent warm weather, I set about perfecting a recipe for a gin and tonic that uses fresh cinchona bark and fruit juice, rather than tonic water.

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Mixin’ It Up with Bourbon

May 14, 2009

While I feel like I buy bourbon whiskey more often than other spirits, I can’t say that bourbon is my favorite spirit to mix with; I’m much more likely to drink it on the rocks or in a Whiskey Cocktail (basically an Old-Fashioned without fruit). But there are a few drinks that I make regularly using bourbon.

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Home Macerated Gin – Part 1

March 31, 2009

As part of the Mixoloseum’s Beefeater series, I was inspired to try and recreate it at home. I had been wanting to try a home-steeped gin of the sort I’d been reading about on the blogs. Obviously, I couldn’t redistill after maceration for a proper gin, but perhaps something potable could come out of it. […]

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Beefeater Gin Review

March 29, 2009

As part of a series of Beefeater product features over at the Mixoloseum, last Thursday’s Drink Night (TDN) theme was Beefeater gin. As usual at the Mixoloseum Bar, many original drinks were created, submitted and enjoyed. The next online event will feature Beefeater 24, a new luxury gin and its introduction to the American market. […]

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March 22, 2009

So what is a highball? A highball is just a base spirit and mixer served over ice, ideally in a tall glass. Whiskey soda, rum’n’coke, gin’n’tonic, and 7’n’7 are easy to say and even easier to make. They are usually quite forgiving as to the amounts and qualities of various ingredients used.  However, Dale DeGroff […]

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Vieux Carré

February 28, 2009

New Orleans has been on my mind this week, with Mardi Gras being this last Tuesday and all. I’ve found that one of the more elusive classic New Orleans drinks to get out on the town is the Vieux Carré. It seems that few bars, even at Southern or Cajun/Creole restaurants, deem it necessary to […]

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Margarita – America’s #1 Tequila Delivery Device

February 27, 2009

This last Sunday (2/22) was National Margarita Day. It may seem like a strange time of year to schedule this, but my hunch is that it is because limes are in season right now, and the best margaritas use fresh squeezed lime juice. Whatever you may say about commercial margaritas, we can thank this drink […]

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Rye – Back from the Brink

February 10, 2009

There was a time not too long ago when rye whiskey almost disappeared, another victim of Prohibition. It didn’t, though, and thanks to the internet, rye has enjoyed something of a revival in America. So much so that there have even been shortages caused by its rapid return to semi-popularity. However, despite this new popularity, […]

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Hawaii Drinkin’

January 31, 2009

This week, I got the chance to take a vacation in Hawaii and lucky for you (or maybe not), a laptop joined our trip at the last minute. So here is my quick and extremely subjective impression of drinking here on Hawaii’s Big Island. Drinking in Hawaii Bars in Hawaii are pretty similar to mainland […]

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In Absinthe Veritas

January 19, 2009

With the reintroduction of absinthe to the American market, there has been a veritable torrent of articles about absinthe. They pretty much all say the same thing, invariably mentioning Van Gogh’s ear and rattling on about the mystique and history. But it’s a rare article that actually talks about what absinthe is or what it […]

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