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Around my house, the Knickerbocker is a regular summer favorite. A very old drink, it was published in 1862 by Jerry Thomas and reappeared in books of the time until Harry Johnson’s 1888 manual. I have adapted the recipe here from Wondrich’s Imbibe! (Thomas) and Haigh’s Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails (Johnson). Quoting Wondrich, “With it’s rum and its lime juice, its syrups and liqueurs, the Knickerbocker is the spiritual progenitor of the Tiki drink. Think of it as an 1850’s Mai Tai–similar drink, different island.”

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Inspired by an old Alcademics post and some recent warm weather, I set about perfecting a recipe for a gin and tonic that uses fresh cinchona bark and fruit juice, rather than tonic water.


This last Sunday (2/22) was National Margarita Day. It may seem like a strange time of year to schedule this, but my hunch is that it is because limes are in season right now, and the best margaritas use fresh squeezed lime juice. Whatever you may say about commercial margaritas, we can thank this drink […]