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Tales of the Cocktail

I realized that I don’t know squat about sherry as a cocktail ingredient, but would like to learn more. And I found I wasn’t alone. Several of our friends had a hankering for a sherry tasting, so we got a group of people together who each brought a bottle or three. We also collected a number of cocktail recipes containing sherry to experiment with. Much like a wine tasting, we started with the driest finos and progressed to the sweeter amontillados, olorosos and the the dessert stylings of Pedro Ximénez. Here are my notes from that fun evening.

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New Orleans Update

by sylvan

I just wanted to post a quick update that I am in New Orleans at the Tales of the Cocktail and am having a fantastic time. I’ll be posting a real writeup  of both Tales and the CSOWG conference Drink.Write 2009 when I have more time  – for now you can check out my post […]